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TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization

For better or worse, digital business has fundamentally changed how organizations hire staff, market their services, and connect with stakeholders. The problem is, in an effort to use technology to connect with people more effectively, we have lost the humanity — that critical person-to-person connection — which is the engine of commerce and advocacy. TOUCH provides leaders of all types of organizations — private to public sector, community to enterprise business — with real-world, proven solutions.

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“In Touch, Mark Blevis and Tod Maffin argue that even though technology has enabled us to connect like never before, we’ve actually moved in the opposite direction. We have removed the real and human connections. It’s time to bring that human touch back to business. This book lays out the perfect blueprint. Want to be more human? Start with TOUCH.”
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Bashtagged: How to Survive a Twitter Attack

It’s an ordinary Tuesday — until suddenly your phone starts ringing, email fills up, and your boss walks in to ask to speak to you. Without you knowing it, your organization has been “bashtagged” — attacked on Twitter. And now, that clever campaign you thought would win you awards is going up in smoke. And worse, actually turning people against your brand. In this easy-to-read 40-page ebook, you’ll find out the four stages of a Twitter attack, how best to respond, learn from case studies of other organizations who’ve been attacked, and discover the best monitoring solutions.

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“Tod Maffin provides recent, important and relevant examples of how your organization’s presence in the Twitterverse can go so horribly wrong very quickly… With Maffin’s insight you’ll now know what worked, what didn’t and why when events happen and Twitter happens faster.”
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