I’m Tod.


agency owner


Podcast Producer




I run a social engagement agency.

I run a social media agency, helping brands turn online engagement into action in their social channels. We work with only a few clients at a time. 


engageQ has been phenomenal. Quick to react when needed, and strategic when it comes to longer-term planning. They have both effectively built engagement and dealt with difficult crisis communication issues.”

Corey Quintaine
Kildonan Place Shopping Centre

I host a daily podcast.

Every weekday, I host Today in Digital Marketing — a fast-paced 8-minute rundown of what you missed in the world of digital marketing and social media. 

It’s brief, and I learn something new every day. Also I sound smarter when talking to my marketing coworkers!

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I write a daily tech newsletter.

I also publish Today in Digital Marketing as a daily email newsletter, a brief and easy-to-digest rundown of developments that day in social media, digital marketing, SEO, and online ad campaigns. 

From his quick, informative digital marketing news updates to his obvious disdain for Facebook. What’s not to love? In all seriousness, amazing!

Cooper Loop
United States

I write books.

I co-authored TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization. It’s a compelling argument for more humanity in the workplace — and a step-by-step plan to get there.

“Every now and again, a book makes you flip a LOT of your thoughts upside down and look at them from a different angle. TOUCH is that book. Maffin and Blevis force you into a strange world while pointing out that it’s where you wanted to be all along.”

Chris Brogan

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